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Mercedes strictly former motorontwerper of Ferrari

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Lorenzo Sassi, who last summer by Marchionne to the Ferrari F1 team is the avenue sent out, will soon be going to work at competitor Mercedes.

He acts that way in the footsteps of technical director Aldo Costa in 2011, the transition of the Scuderia to Mercedes. Sergio Marchionne, the big boss at Ferrari, had not been to high hat of the Sassi. Allegedly were the reliability issues of the power sources on the basis of his forced departure.

Mercedes will be the Italian team of Andy Cowell join in Brixworth. As a long-term loyal Ferrari-soldier Sassi important to be at Mercedes by giving them a picture of the technical capabilities of the Scuderia and the new culture that prevails under the rule of the strong man, Sergio Marchionne.

It is interesting how both Ferrari and Mercedes in the motor just before the day will come in 2018. Over the past four years the Germans had the upper hand but in 2017 we could see that Ferrari a lot of ground had recovered.

By the new rule that the teams only three engines per season are allowed to be used they should be a good compromise between reliability and power. Last season we saw that Ferrari, the emphasis was placed on power during the qualifications to Mercedes and the last to cross, and that was pretty successful.

It is expected that the Italians this year there will be further build, because there on the aerodynamic surface, and in the field of tires, little to nothing has changed.

The rules relating to the oil consumption are becoming more rigorous. Additives that were banned were by the teams to the oil added. By the engine intentionally, what oil to consume, the teams there then in the conscious additives in the inflammatory process, to introduce.

However, there is no doubt that there are now new areas are being searched for in order to progress.

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