Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe help The Buurtpolitie

68bac3e765af57c100c718db2cb576d5 - Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe help The Buurtpolitie

Familiar faces on Thursday, February 15, in The Buurtpolitie: the sheriff’s department is looking for the parents of a young pair of twins who together with their dogs on the path. The police don’t know who they are and makes a call, via social media, but that doesn’t make information. Therefore, it would Qmusic-DJ s Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe happy to help. They enable the listeners of Qmusic in the family of the brothers on to tracks.

Maarten: “We are obviously not actors. But in The Buurtpolitie we had the chance ourselves to play. All the people who worked on the episode were very good and this was from beginning to end, a super great experience. It is fascinating to see how professionally and efficiently they work with The Buurtpolitie. For me, definitely worth repeating!”

Also Dorothee had fun on the set: “I thought that was super nice to this once, and it was the first time for me. The atmosphere behind the scenes was very nice and set a nice comment. And the catering was also really okay!”, she laughs.
Curious about the performances of the two? Appointment on Thursday 15 November at 18.20 at VTM.

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