Luk Alloo in the tracks of Infrabel

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On Thursday 15 February 2018 will Luk Alloo on path with the hard night owls of Infrabel. With as many as 3,000 volts above the head, they stand in for the maintenance and repair of the railway network. “The works are usually on at night carried out, as the tracks out of service. We exclude the overhead lines short with the track. If there is electricity in our zone, there is a short circuit that will free us from danger indemnify. Nevertheless, you must constantly remain alert. Just as your loss of focus can be fatal. On the cables, to which we now work is no tension, but on the other side is 3,000 volt.” Luk thanked the team then also in the name of all passengers: “I think it’s really spectacular what you do”.

Something about midnight Luk a conversation with Eddy, who with his danscafé Poco Loco is world-renowned in Kortrijk. “I lééf really in the night”, sounds it in there. “I feel better. at Night I’m someone else and I can only really be myself.” Luk talk with a stripper Kelly. “In the past, I did a kantoorjob, but now I have my hobby as my profession. It is very, very little sleep, especially if you have a son. But I love the night.”

In Antwerp is Now also a bar within the 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. “We never,” says the bartender. “I think that we are this rhythm to persevere.” In the bar talk Luk with writer Hugo, that the night looks for his second novel to write. Far away from the festivities makes Luk acquainted with Manfred, an Antwerp homeless. “I am now 43 and live already 9 years on the street”, he shows. “There are no settings that can help me. But I don’t give up until my battery is flat.”

To 2 hour visit to Luk the printing of a newspaper. “We print here a 40,000 newspapers per hour, at about 4 p.m., we are ready”, says responsible Hans. “I love the night and this job. Especially the engagement in the newspaper.” Luk follows the process from printing to binding. Afterwards, he drives too with the driver that the newsagents provides. A giant key ring, jumps him in the eye. “I’m about 25 stores. That are still closed as I deliver, therefore I have the keys of all matters.”

Alloo in the Night, Thursday at 21.25 on VTM.

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