Leuven Disability film Festival shows six films with people with disabilities in leading role

In the framework of the Disability film Festival from 12 to 16 march in Leuven six films with people with disabilities in the lead role. There are also measures provided to everyone to enable the films to follow.

So is there an accessible room, ADL assistance and adapted transport, and there are also interpreters of Flemish Sign language and audiodescriptie.

With these films want to the festival people’s awareness about dealing with and thinking about people with a disability and a social debate about their position in society. The festival itself would also be an accessible place where they can meet.

It is already the eighth time that the festival is being organised. Thanks to the support of the city of Leuven was an opening lecture added to the program in which professor Geert Van Hove (university of ghent (UGent) will talk about “Imaging and disability: films on disability to films by and with persons with disabilities? “. There is also jongerenluik with the screening of the film ‘Piepkuikens’.

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