Kylie Jenner rents still help for baby

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Not even two weeks after the birth of her daughter Stormi, is Kylie Jenner back on the decision not to hire for the care of her baby. With only her family and friends to save the 20-year-old realityster not, reports People.

A source tells the magazine: “she knows She’s always on her mother Kris can count, but who also has her work and private life. And because Kylie likes to, and sometimes to leave the house and something to do for himself, she has decided to someone outside her family and circle of friends to hire.”

The realityster since the birth of Stormi two times outdoor reported. One time she visited a baby shower of a friend and the other time she went together with her good friend Jordyn Woods to Los Angeles. The first-time mother is now also back on Instagram with her usual photos. So she placed two pictures on which they filled in the make-up, in a red track suit is seen in her SUV.

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