Katja Schuurman: “I enjoy drugs, but with a degree’

7d3f26b8cdd0babec4bd69f9d00748a4 - Katja Schuurman: "I enjoy drugs, but with a degree'

Katja Schuurman is one of the few CELEBRITIES who always honestly tells about her drug use. That lack of transparency bothers the presenter “a Lot of people in the media are in that area, best is a hypocrite.”

Yet there are enough stars that are arranged with their nose in the white powder sitting according to Katja. “I know them all, though. I have often enough with them on the toilet stood.” To say used them myself “occasionally.” Also her friend Freek is not in the least averse. “My first summer with Freek was really a big party, then it was: now just another mode. And we went to the tea and the vegetables. So I enjoy drugs, but in moderation. Except on the night itself, then certainly not with the degree.”

According to Katya find her parents not as fine as they still have her drugsavonturen tells. “But I will never otherwise happen than I am. I want to open,” said the presenter in Beau Monde.

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