Juncker sees opportunities for compromise with Poland

7ef582600b98e94ac150d77aa2c4a53c - Juncker sees opportunities for compromise with Poland

BRUSSELS – There is a “good chance” of reaching a compromise in the conflict between Poland and the European Commission, thinks commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. The nationalist government in Warsaw is under fire because of the laws that the judiciary under political control. Junckers right hand, Frans Timmermans brought out in december is the hardest instrument out of the closet, by which Poland, in theory, the right to vote in the EU could be lost.

Juncker and Timmermans have recently been expanded with the Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoken. “I think there’s a good chance that the Polish position to the us moves, and we head for the Polish,” said Juncker. “We have a permanent dialogue.”

Upon activation of the article 7 of the EU treaty in december gave Poland three months to the controversial reforms in the judicial sector to turn back. If that does not happen, member states will make a judgment, to rule on the matter.

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