Jan Versteegh overcomes diffidence in naaktscène

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Jan Versteegh was there during the filming of Crazy of Orange little difficulty from the clothes to go. For his feature debut, Jan was the first scene stark naked.

“I’m not someone who has trouble with are naked, not at all. I feel ashamed not for what I look like. But on the set I found the the first few minutes, however strange, with so many people behind the camera. Initially I ran into the bathrobe around on the set. I have the bathrobe dismissed. This was more of a problem for the people around me and I could focus on the scene. Then it was well.”

The feature film from director Pim van Hoeve, which is starting from Thursday in the cinemas runs, goes about the orange fever, who in 2010 prevailed during the world cup in South Africa. Versteegh plays the role of a soccer star Roy. The prof is struggling with the fact that he is on the reserves hardly play due. Jan: “All the characters in the film are people who sometime struggle with and there’s a little bit outside fall. That does not mean that all is not well in your life. I think the movie is very recognisable for many, because it is about relationships, family, career, and health.”

Therefore, it is Crazy of Orange is not a football film, argues Versteegh. The Netherlands this year is not qualified for the world championships is, according to the debutant actor also unimportant for the theatrical release. “Football is only the basis of all kinds of stories to be told. This film tells about the next world cup, but looks back at the 2010 world cup. Perhaps it is the very fact an advantage. If people are a little orange want to feel, then they need to be here.”

Jan found his debut as an actor initially scary. “People may think ‘oh that’s where you have a presenter who is so required must acting’. During the making of television programmes, I am always myself and I decide which side the call goes on. In the film, I am not myself, do I not do what I say and what direction to go. That makes acting in the beginning all very strange.”

Jan’s excursions in addition to the present used. He won two years ago with his singing talent the first season of It Takes 2, and then he has a cd released. Since Monday, he is also a wedding officiant in the municipality of Zaanstad. Follow this debut is also a acting career? “I found it fun to do. Never say never.”

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