‘How’ most played song

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How of Nielson and Miss Montreal was last year’s most-played Dutch song. Notify Buma in the context of Valentine’s day.

How about a couple that deeply in love with, win the of I Cry Only For You, a collaboration of Ali B and Diggy Dex. Paris by Kenny B completes the top 3. In the composite top 14 is further place for artists like Marco Borsato, Nick & Simon, Guus Meeuwis, Gers Pardoel, Van Dik Hout, BLØF and Do But.

Next month, the Buma Awards, the music awards for composers, lyricists and music publishers, awarded again. The fifth edition of the gala on march 5, take place in Theater Amsterdam. The Buma Awards for 2014 were presented. It is the successor of the Golden Harp Gala.

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