Heavy penalty for Nacional after spreekkoren about plane crash Chapecoense

The South American bond has Nacional a fine of 65,000 euro and a penalty of three matches without audience. Supporters of the Uruguayan club sang offensive spreekkoren about the plane crash of Chapecoense.

That happened on 31 January when the competition in the Copa Libertadores between the two teams. Nacional won 1-0, and later it was the away game with the same numbers won making the Uruguayanen to the next round.

In a plane crash in Colombia at the end of 2016 came almost the full selection, and staff of the Brazilian club to life. Only six of the 77 occupants survived the accident, among whom three players.

Nacional took in a declaration already away from the “scandalous” spreekkoren. “We have a deep sense of shame. Unfortunately, many sick spirits make themselves heard.”

In the third round of the Copa Libertadores, take Nacional against the Argentine Banfield. The first game in Montevideo next week Thursday played.

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