Hans Kazan do without a woman is not more to life

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Magician Hans Kazàns biggest fear is that his wife Wendy later not more. “I’m not afraid of illnesses for myself, but that I do without Wendy would have. If she wasn’t there anymore, I also do not want more life.”

Kazan said Wednesday in a Story that Wendy is his real love is. “The feeling that I have for her, I can not in words catch.”

The magician says that his greatest achievement is that he and his wife “for 42 years, including 41 years of marriage, having fun together.” “But that is more to her merit, because I can be pretty stubborn and have my ups and downs.”

The largest levensverandering of Hans Kazan was when he and his current wife met. “I was unhappy, came from a divorced family and my parents had a lot of hassle. That has to weigh heavily on my youth pressed. I also called always that I never want children. But Wendy changed my life totally. We had five great children (the oldest, Maaike, was born in 1979 but he died at the age of three, red.) and I’m still so grateful that Wendy came across my path.”

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