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Haas F1 team is surprised and sets, as the first of its new F1 car for

Hey American Haas F1 team, has surprised everyone by today unexpectedly as the first F1 team’s new car for the F1 season 2018. Normally would morning the Williams F1 team as first the cloth of her new car.

The Haas VF-18 is the first F1 car for the season 2018 which was proposed, and it is also the first car for the new season in which we ‘Halo’ see, the system that the riders during crashes and against fragments must protect.

The American renstal mainly uses a similar livery to last year, especially with the colors grey and red. The Frenchman Romain Grosjean and the Dane Kevin Magnussen forms, like last year, the rijdersduo at Haas.

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