French shocked again to ‘sexual abuse’ eleven-year-old

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In France, it is shocked again responded to a man who terechtstaat for sexual abuse of a minor girl. According to the public prosecutor was there of rape namely not the case.

A 29-year-old man is since yesterday in a Paris suburb on suspicion of the sexual abuse of an eleven-year-old. An act which in itself is a lot of French people shocked, but the indignation became still greater when it transpired that the public prosecutor, the man is not persecuted for rape, but only for sexual abuse.

That is far from an insignificant detail: in the French legal system to twenty years in prison on the rape of a minor. Who only sentenced for sexual abuse, is already after a maximum of five years on free feet.

The facts were played in april last year. The eleven-year-old girl followed the man, who in the past they had already met, to his apartment. There was the man then having sex with her. As there is no mention of violence, nor of compulsion or threat, and the girl is the man’s free will was chasing went, decided to parquet the man not to prosecute for rape.

Defenseless goslings

In addition, were at the first hearing will be the lawyers of the accused are quick to respond. They pointed out that the victim “was fifteen years old seemed”, and their client a maximum of seventeen’. “We have here certainly not to do with a sexual predator that preys on defenseless goslings’, was one of the lawyers again.

The court swept that reasoning, however, immediately from the table. He ruled that the public ministry is a wrong indictment had been formulated and carried the vervolgingsambtenaren on the case again to investigate. The session was immediately adjourned until a date to be determined.

“This is already a first victory for the girl and her parents’, responding, Carine Diebolt, lawyer of the family of the victim. “It is very important that the victim can be heard as the victim of rape.’

The lawyers of the offender then said again, ‘very disappointed’, and found that the decision of the court only, and only was prompted by the massive media interest in the case.


It is not the first time that France, a fierce debate about the minimum age at which someone can agree to have sex. That is not legally defined. Last november, a man was acquitted, for having sex with an eleven year old girl, because according to the judge there was no question of coercion. A teacher that had sex with a student of fourteen years old came from with eighteen months in prison.

The government of president Emmanuel Macron is currently working already on a bill, where the lower limit would be on thirteen or fifteen years – a fact that is still debated. To all the expectation will be that design next month for the first time in public to be discussed.

Not a day too early, say French child rights movement. “Young children, such as the victim what it is now, in France, still not enough protected,” says Armelle Le Bigot Macaux of the French kinderrechtengroepering COFRADE against The Guardian.

The bill of Macron also includes tougher measures against sexual harassment on the street and in public transport.

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