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Flemish book sale turns red

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In Flanders, in 2017 at least 14 million paper books were sold. That is 400,000 less than in 2016. Trade Unionism Book.be blame that mainly to a lack of bestsellers.

Peter Jacobs

The negative trend in the Flemish book sales in 2017 in the future. Revenue (185,6 million euro, or-1.5 percent) and marketing (14 million copies, or -3%) decrease in comparison to 2016, and that was already a bad year. This mainly has to do with the lack of true best-sellers, Book.be. Also the contrast with the Netherlands remains; there is a rise in the sale a few years again.

The top twenty of 2017 is the traditional mix of books from tv chefs, popular stripreeksen and international thrillers and romantic fiction. ‘Nutrition coach’ Sandra Bekkari onttroont Pascale Naessens and Jeroen Meus. She is with three books in the top five. But it seems to be a pyrrusoverwinning: the genre of the vrijetijdsnon-fiction, which the cookbooks are, it loses a lot of ground. In addition, the British thrillerschrijfster Paula Hawkins twice in the top ten.

The analysis of the deelgenres is not really spectacular. So scores Lize Spit in the fiction category still with her debut in early 2016; a few days ago, she drew the contract for her second novel, which by 2019 should appear. Stefan Hertmans’ successor for War and turpentine, The new convert, did it the second year in a row, not bad. What is striking is the success Wants, the novel by Jeroen Olyslaegers, that in 2017 was awarded. Griet op de Beeck scores well in the Netherlands, where she and three books in the top 100; in Flanders they are the general top 20.

In the informative non-fiction is the top spot for Luck tov. Margot Vanderstraeten is consistent with her report about the Antwerp jews books of celebrities, as Martine Prenen, Jef Vermassen, Annemie Struyf, and the Topdokters.

Online sales continues to grow to a market share of nearly 20 percent; the largest player is the Dutch Bol.com. All other sales channels are losing ground. One paper book on the six is sold online.

The figures of the Book.be cover 89 percent of the market. Newsagents and stripzaken are not included in these figures and those are just channels especially bestsellers deduction. About the e-books are no data published.

The best selling books by genre

Children’s book: The amazing tree house at 78 stories by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton (Lannoo)

Strip: The Kiekeboes 148. Nepwerk of Merho e.a. (Standard Publishing)

Fiction: the Origin of Dan Brown (Luitingh Sijthoff)

Non-fiction free time: Never more diets of Sandra Bekkari (Borgerhoff & Lamberigts)

Non-fiction informative: Luck tov Margot Vanderstraeten (Atlas Contact)

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