Expert about Bart De Pauw: ‘that’s hypocritical’

dd679ad7f4a88330799515c48212c24a - Expert about Bart De Pauw: 'that's hypocritical'

Bart De Pauw is not a manager more of Fat Trump card, but according to TV-Family, he keeps a firm finger in the porridge. “Because it is not because Bart De Pauw, no manager more is that the company is not more of him, ” says financial expert Thierry Debels. “This is a smart move. His wife Inès is now the sole owner and managing director, so to speak, the sight of Cakes! That way it will be Bart, rather than directly by his own production house to be linked to. But: he continues to do his job to keep. Bart is the largest shareholder. And so will he the rate of Fat Asset! continue to determine. Don’t worry, he still has a firm finger in the porridge, and is still the real boss.’

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