Emil is back in Utopia

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Emil is back in Utopia

Wrestler Emil is going to be full for the final battle of Utopia.

Again, there is one former resident returned to Utopia. Emil Sitoci ran Wednesday, the tv program inside.


Emil belongs to the group of people that, on 31 december 2013 at the start of the passing reality-soap in the world was present. His participation in the experiment of John de Mol took about a half a year, when he suddenly the program is forced to leave his sick friend.

Emil is back in Utopia. / Screenshot UtopiaTV

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The wrestler is the fourth former participant who, in a short time, returning to Utopia. Earlier this year, Bass, Ivan and Ruud on the terrain. That last left and then again after 24 hours.

“It is as if I never am again,” said Emil, against his fellow villagers. “I’m back and I will stay until the end. There will be a final and I want him to win.”

Everything revolves around the impending end of the program. In november, it was announced that reality-soap on June 1, 2018 stops. It is for anyone still unclear as to how the final months of the program out.

The terrain of Utopia in 2014.

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