Drake makes a lady happy on Valentine’s day

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Drake is emerging as the benefactor of Miami. And he goes on and on. On Valentine’s day he drew $ 10,000 (over € 8,000), to a chambermaid a beautiful day to deliver, reports the Miami Herald.

Odalia Paret is a mother of five children in Haiti, about four hours traveling to a hotel in Miami Beach daily fourteen rooms to clean. When the rapper her story read in the Miami Herald, he undertook together with the American footballer Antonio Brown action to get her reward.

Paret received a massage in the hotel spa followed by a sumptuous dinner. She was then picked up by a limo that her to a department store brought. There waited for Drake and Brown hair. The department store opened the doors only for Paret and two other women from Miami. They were given 45 minutes to shop. Paret came out with a bag from Valentino of $ 2,000, four bottles of perfume, an 18-carat gold necklace and shoes of $ 800.

Last week on Monday donated Drake all $ 25,000 (20,000 euros) to the university of Miami and promised new uniforms to buy for all pupils. One student was given the Drake even a scholarship of 50,000 dollars. A day later, the Canadian department store with a megaphone and called out to that he has the messages of all existing customers would pay.

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