Doctors without Borders reports 24 cases of sexual misconduct

4d9f8368ae95c59ce39bb0402fc7f052 - Doctors without Borders reports 24 cases of sexual misconduct

Doctors without Borders was in 2017 faced with 24 cases of sexual misconduct within the organization. That has the medical aid organization, itself published for transparency to communicate.

The organization said in a press release that a total of 146 complaints or reports received.

“In forty cases, it turned out after an internal investigation there is abuse or other undesirable behavior,” says the organization in a press release. In 24 of the 40 cases were found the facts which are sexual in nature. Two of them are about abuse of patients. In the other 22 cases, it was abuse between employees.

In total, nineteen people redundant as a result of the complaints. Other employees were given other sanctions, such as suspension. The ngo employs worldwide more than 40,000 permanent employees.

The aid organisation makes the figures known to make it clear that they have such complaints seriously. The organization suspects that a lot of people abuse, yet did not dare to report. ‘Doctors without Borders is concerned about all possible barriers to make a complaint, and that remains a major challenge. We will continue to step up our efforts to raise awareness and our meldingsmechanismen to improve.”

The figures come at a time when the humanitarian sector is startled by the seksschandaal around the aid organization Oxfam. Oxfam Great Britain came last week in the eye of a storm when it became known that workers of the organization in Haiti and Chad paid to have sex with local prostitutes.

The Charity Commission, the British institution that oversees charities, has started a research project into the way in which Oxfam in 2011, the seksschandaal in Haiti has tackled.

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