Dirk Roofthooft about his roles as bully

b6595461bfe4e6806c3acf3b2fbec0f8 - Dirk Roofthooft about his roles as bully

In The Interest people Dirk Roofthooft the question why he is still the role of bully in a tv-series. “Lizzy the liar was still a sweet man? And my characters in ‘Southside’ and ‘Chaussée d’amour’ also, no? But for one reason or another remain that bullies apparently longer hang with the people, I have the impression. Recently there was a British woman to me. They had ‘Clan’ seen on tv. In England they call my character is not the Globe, but the Prick, and that lady said: ‘You’re disgusting! But we love you!’ The Globe is a man you love to hate. But where I get the inspiration to make that sort of figures to give form to? I’m always afraid of that question because I cannot answer. That’s also the reason why I’m not teaching, because I can’t explain how to do it.”

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