Denmark loses a wayward prince

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COPENHAGEN – The Danish queen Margrethe is her support and companion of over fifty years, lost. The past few years, she had it all, increasingly, without husband prince Henrik, who, in 2016, retired and then increasingly to cope with his health. Last year, it was determined that Henrik was suffering from dementia.

The French diplomat Henri de Monpezat made about the same time to meet the Danish crown princess as the German diplomat Claus von Amsberg did that with the Dutch troonopvolgster Beatrix. Superficially considered, there were also parallels in their life. Henri grew up partly in the French colony of Vietnam, and Claus spent part of his childhood in German East Africa. Both of them had after the announcement of their engagement a country has to win and a tricky new language.

Love and attention

Margrethe and the now to Henrik renamed Henri were married on 5 June 1967. Margrethe had two sons and in 1972 queen. The Danish princes Frederik and Joachim were not always the love and attention that they wanted to have. Also kept the Danes have a sort of love/hate relationship with the quirky and artistic Frenchman.

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Henrik wanted recognition, and in recent years he cried ever harder, to the dismay and embarrassment of queen Margrethe. He wanted the title of ‘king consort’, as a recognition of his equal position next to that of his wife. To partly address was Henrik in 2005, scaled up to ‘prince consort’, but to his great frustration, remained ‘king’ out of range.

The fuss and misunderstanding

Last year he announced that he for that reason to refrain from it all years ago-created plan to work with Margrethe to be interred in the cathedral of Roskilde. If he is alive not equal, then he would not in the royal sepulchre to be buried. That announcement caused a huge uproar and incomprehension in Denmark. The storm was only slightly lying when in september the diagnosis was known that Henrik dementia.

At the end of January, he was ill back out of Egypt. He had a benign tumor in his linkerlong, and a severe lung infection. Of that disease, the prince can no longer be repaired. On 13 February he was transferred to Fredensborg Slot to die.

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