Danish prince Henrik will be on Tuesday laid to rest

24be47d96547d9787ed27b0537e2380a - Danish prince Henrik will be on Tuesday laid to rest

The Danish prince Henrik will be Tuesday in the intimate circle in Copenhagen buried. He wished, after his death, cremated, said a spokeswoman for the palace today. The ashes of the deceased person is divided: one half is the sea scattered, the other half is in an urn in the garden of palace of Fredensborg north of Copenhagen kept.

The husband of queen Margrethe II (77) was Tuesday night at the age of 83 at the palace Fredensborg died. Last summer he had decided that he was not beside his wife in the cathedral of Roskilde wanted to be buried.

The adding in intimate circle with only a few guests in the chapel of the royal palace Christiansborg happens to the wish of prince Henrik, said the spokeswoman. He will therefore not be staatsbegrafenis with heads of state and politicians. The public can three days to say goodbye. His closed casket will be from Saturday to Monday in the palatine chapel are brought to the cathedral. On Thursday his remains of the royal palace Fredensborg to Copenhagen.

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