Criticism on Karen makes a plate

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Especially others make the picture of Karen Damen. That was in her tv series to see. Is that a usual way of working? That early The Standard. ‘When you’re in France says that you sing, the next question is always: are you an artist or a performer?’, responding Daan Stuyven. “Do you write your songs yourself or interpret your others? Music performed is not inferior. With us that is different. A lot of iconic music is however not written by the person who is singing.’ Bob Savenberg refers directly to singers like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. ‘Never seen anything written by yourself, but their interpretation of music classics.” Savenberg has to the program by Karen looked. ‘Karen makes a plate is in the first place, a tv-program. It is all the more grotesque is proposed than it is. As Karen Damen in the first episode, everything is already perfect, then there’s nothing more to tell.’

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