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Brenda Blethyn about the series Vera

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The year is just cold started or Brenda Blethyn can get back on path as inspector Vera Stanhope. We talked to the actress from Vera about season 7.

How do you prepare each time for a new season?
“Six weeks for the pictures will I receive the first scenarios. Which I then extended to read and study on small irregularities. When I think something is not right, I call with the writers. I’m usually fast out of the dream achieved. Or they call out: ‘Good point, Brenda! We apply it to. If eventually the recordings start, I am already completely in Vera-spheres. And that’s nice, because I think it’s a really fun role. It feels every time as if I were an old friend looking.”

You also know how her accent sounds like, because you come from a different region (Ramsgate, in the south, ed.) ?
“Yes. I just need her to think and then comes the voice by itself. And because we are in the Northumberland record, I am constantly surrounded by people from the region who all have that accent to talk to. That is always better than listening to audio tapes that ultimately often by actors are recorded. Also many of our crew members come from the region, in terms of the employment after the closing of shipyards and mines.”

Where does the first new episode about?
“We are starting something we are used to. We will go immediately with the whole team on the road. Normally when a corpse is found explores first the pathologist, and then my sidekick the situation. In suspicious circumstances, I am ultimately also called. But since this mystery takes place on one of the so-called Farne islands, where you only per boat, all right, everyone. The crime scene is the fictional island of Ternstone where our attention focuses on the fate of a young boswachtster. First, there is a mistake thought, but soon after encountering our new pathologist Dr. Anthony Carmichael on traces of strangulation.”

How was it such an iconic place to film?
“Great. The crossing was a bit rough. But we saw the seals up close, what an amazing sight it was. The bad news was that there is a continuous washcloths were needed. We were completely onderpoept by the birds. But bird droppings brings good luck they say, isn’t it?”

You were not spared by the gulls?
“Yes, do you think that is difficult to do? (laughs) It happens during the filming often. And not as you want it to happen. Last year we had a magnificent final scene in mind: Vera gazing over the sea, happy about the outcome of a murder case. So the only thing that was missing was a big ‘plop’. But we could wait until we have a us weighed.”

Still seasick?
“No, it was cold and the boat went on quite a rampage. But hey, I grew up on the sea, so I love to sail. The same goes for Vera. As a young girl accompanied her father at night and ungodly hours on one of his many raids along the islands off the coast.”

Is that also a thing of your generation do you think, that you are not easily frightened?
“That would be able to. We were not spoiled or pampered. Also Vera is not easily scared. Who picks up and saves itself.”

Vera, Wednesday – 21.25 hours • NPO 1

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