Blood of missing Maëlys (9) found in car of suspect

f8311581cf6f49a1603a31aed5efa9b4 - Blood of missing Maëlys (9) found in car of suspect

There are excavations underway in Saint-Franc (in French Savoie). Nordahl Lelandais (34) would the police have told where they disappeared girl Maëlys might be able to find. The child disappeared in August when she and her parents attended a wedding. Only now, six months later, the prime suspect for the first time, cooperated with the investigation. Perhaps after he was confronted with the fact that the blood of Maëlys is found in his car.

For the first time since the beginning of the investigation, it was prime suspect Nordahl Lelandais to the area where the girl was last seen.

He pointed out that there are a number of places that are ‘useful’ for the research. In these places, about 20 minutes drive from the place where Maëlys disappeared, is being searched. With dogs, but also excavators are on their way. Also in place are the magistrate who is entrusted with the dossier and a law doctor. For now, there is nothing found. All access roads to the region are closed. But according to detectives, they hope to a quick conclusion.

Maëlys De Araujo (9) disappeared during a wedding party in the French Pont-de-Beauvoisin (not far from Grenoble). The girl was there along with her parents.

The police combed for weeks the region. Together with the army. They dregden in rivers, looking in the caves and convert bloedhonden in. Without a result.

An unemployed ex-military that of a recipient of benefits and in his spare time trains dogs, was shortly after the disappearance a first time arrested. The police asked for the wedding photographer all the photos he had made during the party. And were all of the guests answered. This was the name of Nordahl Lelandais (34) several times. He was in the neighborhood of the children noted. And he was in the picture with the girl. That says little, but he maintained the girl never to have seen.

The day after the wedding shined his Audi A3 very thoroughly. His habit was not, said his own mother to the detectives. But he claimed that he wanted to sell, that’s why. But according to his parents and brother he had never told anything about and he had no other vehicle was purchased.

Members of the laboratory of the French police that the car was thoroughly investigated, and found yet to prove that Maëlys in the car. “That’s right,” said Nordahl when he was confronted. ‘A few children wanted to know if I my dog had. When I said no, they believed me not. Maëlys and another child are in the car and look yourself or the dog there was. Perhaps hence the DNA-traces of the children, ” he defended himself.

But now it also appears that bloodstains were found in his car, coming from Maëlys. Detectives knew that for a while, but have him there now to be faced. Possible was that that he now, for the first time in six months, want to cooperate with the investigation.

Red wine spilled. Or blood?

The prime suspect is a while away from the party, as confirmed by several witnesses. “That’s right, I had red wine spilled on my shorts. I quickly drove home, about five kilometers of the banquet came, to clean clothes,’ he stated about it.

But during a search, the dirty short nowhere to be found. “I’ve thrown away. Birth marks you still don’t get away, ” was his explanation.

Detectives wonder if that birth marks not previously bloodstains were. At the party in any case no one has seen that he has wine on his pants. But many have noticed that he suddenly was gone, without someone to say goodbye to, and that he was a long time later, suddenly again appeared. If he just clean clothes was going to get, he did there for a very long time.

Scratches on his arms

And then there were the scratches on his arms. ‘A result of at home with my parents in the garden to work on, is his explanation. But his old mother, who doodeerlijk, explained to the officers that her son has never been in the garden to work and that they do not know how to get those scratches on his arms. May of by high bushes to walk, say detectives.

The parents of Maëlys are now informed of the new developments in the investigation.

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