Berlusconi: “I am like good wine’

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ROME – former prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, sees in his high age a plus. “I am like good wine”, tweeted the 81-year-old Wednesday. “With the age I become better and now I am perfect.” The multimillionaire is doing active in the election campaign prior to the parliamentary elections in Italy.

Two weeks ago he had to, however, take a break because of fatigue. That the health of Berlusconi is not the best, is no secret. In the summer of 2016, he underwent a heart operation, followed later, more hospital visits.

In the election campaign was Forza Italia, Berlusconi’s alliance with the right-populist Lega. If the alliance on march 4, a regeringsmeerderheid get, then it would be the rehabilitation of Berlusconi, even though he was not himself a candidate, are due to a conviction for tax evasion.

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