Attorneys Gordon and “love” back to the table

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Gordon and his short-lived ‘new love’ Wednesday back to the table to work together to come out, as confirmed by the lawyer of the man, Vincent van der Velde.

The presenter and the man lying down since the beginning of this week legally with each other in the clinch. Tuesday, threatened Van der Velde, on behalf of his client in a lawsuit to bring for each other to get that Gordon, all the photos where they are together on the stand, and any attribution of social media removes.

Gordon seems to be there on Wednesday to accommodate. He has all the pictures of him and his “love” away from Instagram and Facebook. “Under no circumstances and at the request of lawyers (we have never heard of a lawsuit!) but purely out of compassion to those that are too short to shoot such a thing out to get at people who are so sincere in their feelings,” he writes in a photo of themselves. The name of the man he left at the post.

The commotion arose after Gordon Monday on Instagram and Facebook photos of his new friend shared. According to the lawyer of the man, however, there is never a love affair.

Libel and slander

Gordon accused the man, moreover, of leading a double life, after it appeared that he multiple women secretly filmed would have during sexual acts. Van der Velde accuses Gordon in addition to harassment of libel and slander.

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