Argentine bond wants more rest for Messi

d1340084cea86ca836a498d78f0bb5aa - Argentine bond wants more rest for Messi

Claudio Tapia, president of the Argentine football association AFA, hoping that Lionel Messi in the coming period is less in action for FC Barcelona.

“We are very pleased with the high level of performance that our star reach”, says the president compared to a Retail Sports. “The game of Sergio Agüero is great and Messi is always there. That is important to us and the technical staff.”

The Portuguese is back to FC Barcelona this season-all 36 games for his club played. Next summer is the world cup in Russia. With the eye on that tournament hopes Tapia that the Catalans, the Portuguese every now and then peace award.

“We’ve talked about less in the action than he has hitherto done”, so he indicates. “If there are matches where Messi is not per se at present, it is good for him if he is not playing.”

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