André and Roxeanne Hazes still have no contact

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André and his sister, Roxeanne Hazes have no contact now, the singer and his mother have settled. His girlfriend Monique Westenberg says that it is not yet clear, or that there is.

“No idea, I have no glass ball. We view the step-by-step. I’m not sure that there is space there is; the focus is now on Rachel,” said Westenberg (40) in conversation with Grazia.

Just before christmas, André and Rachel Hazes after more than three years of their quarrel settled. Westenberg tried to get into contact with her mother-in-law. “My feeling was the time to have a conversation with Rachel and her the chance to give her to apologize.”

The first meeting with grandson André, jr. was, according to Westenberg, very emotional for Rachel. “Everyone was emotional. Our son André is naturally a wonderful and happy child, so was he also in front of her. He crawled right in her lap and she gave him a fruithapje. It was a beautiful day with lots of tears of happiness.”

Westenberg is happy that the argument is settled. “I’ve especially done for André, and my son, but ultimately makes me happy, too.”

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