ANC supports vote against Zuma

f1970874e93be16d55b56f3bb9616a5f - ANC supports vote against Zuma

CAPE town – The South African ruling party ANC will on Thursday vote on a motion of no confidence against Jacob Zuma – the president of the country – support if not already moved on. A spokesman of the party said he hoped that Thursday or Friday, a new president can be appointed.

Zuma himself gives no sign that he will leave. He would have insisted on a transitional period of a few months, but could the ANC do not agree with it.

Cyril Ramaphosa, the 65-year-old president of the ANC, is the most obvious candidate to be the president of South Africa if Zuma leaves. The former anti-apartheidsstrijder Zuma became embroiled in a series of scandals, which every other politician has long the head would have cost.

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