Actress Minnie Driver breaks with Oxfam International

215f68c4e966f05ad89acac43f54b2da - Actress Minnie Driver breaks with Oxfam International

Minnie Driver (48) has, after twenty years ambassador for Oxfam International, all ties with the charity broken. The reason for this is that the actress ’particularly shocked about the seksschandaal that about the organisation to the outside came. This report various English media.

Some Oxfam staff during missions in Haiti and Chad seksfeesten have organized, where prostitutes were hired. In the case of Haiti is not excluded that some of the prostitutes were minors. These missions fell under the responsibility of the British Oxfam organization. Oxfam International is an organization that fights against hunger in the world and that development promotes.

Minnie expresses her abhorrence against The Telegraph: “I am deeply shocked by the allegations against Oxfam International. Under no dispute I want to take this organization continues to support. It is unfortunate that after twenty years no longer a voice for the work that they do on the social and economic fields, where it is now actually very hard needed. Despite these events I don’t get out of the field store and I will always be with the right people to continue to work to help others where necessary.”


Later, the Good Will Hunting actress more text and explanation on her Twitter account: “I can tell you that I broken am of the whole situation around Oxfam. Broken for the women that are used by the people who came to help them, broken by the reaction that this organization has given, for which I attention have asked since I was nine years old.”

Oxfam regrets the departure of Minnie: “She’s been a loyal supporter of Oxfam, and we are grateful for her support for world poverty to end. We respect her choice to leave us. If organization be ashamed of us for the behavior of a number of employees, and we are more than ever willing to make our mistakes to learn. We want our name to global high and we are going to do everything.”

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