Actor Luke Wilson involved in fatal car accident

bbf4e37912de8e3636071237e73aea27 - Actor Luke Wilson involved in fatal car accident

Luke Wilson is Tuesday night involved in a fatal car accident. The Legally Blonde, the actor was driving on a boulevard in Los Angeles when his car was hit by the Ferrari of pro-golfer Bill Haas.

That, reports The Washington Post.

The car of Haas touched then into a skid and collided with a BMW.

The driver of the Ferrari, Mark Gibello, came to the accident to the life and Hare, who was in the passenger seat was, was injured.

Luke, the brother of actor Owen Wilson, was unharmed. Haas, and a female passenger of the BMW were minor injuries to the hospital.

In addition to Legally Blonde was Wilson to see it in the movies 3:10 to Yuma, Blades of Glory, The Royal Tenenbaums.

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