Acquittal in first trial attacks Paris

e0908d073bee985f56b87b8f6f565160 - Acquittal in first trial attacks Paris

PARIS – In the first process about the terrorist attacks of november 13, 2015 in Paris, is the main accused, Jawad Bendaoud, Wednesday, acquitted. The judges do not deem it proven that he knew that he was in an apartment in Saint-Denis, a place of shelter to terrorists, who shortly before in the nearby French capital had been involved in the attacks.

He was accused of being that terrorists have hidden and had been there six years in prison for. A in the eyes of prosecutors, in the less important co-suspect, Mohamed Soumah, was given five years in prison. According to the judges, he led the fugitives to Bendaoud and he knew, certainly, with whom he had to do.

A second co-suspect, Youssef Ait Boulahcen, got four years imprisonment of which one year conditional because he is over it has been silent that the terrorists refuge, reported French media.

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