24 cases of unwanted sexual behaviour in Doctors without Borders in 2017

PARIS – Doctors without Borders was in 2017 faced with 24 cases of sexual abuse or sexual harassment within the organization. That has the medical relief agency, Wednesday announced.

Doctors without Borders says a total of 146 complaints or reports to have received. “In forty cases, it turned out after an internal investigation there is abuse or other undesirable behavior,” says the organization. In 24 of the 40 proved the facts which are sexual in nature.

Doctors without Borders employs worldwide more than 40,000 permanent employees.

The figures come at a time when the humanitarian sector is being rocked by revelations about sexual abuse perpetrated by employees of the aid agency Oxfam. The Charity Commission, the British institution that oversees charities, has started a research project into the way in which Oxfam in 2011, the seksschandaal in Haiti has tackled.

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