Zijlstra lied to and understood the message Putin is wrong

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The political fate of the Dutch Foreign minister Halbe Zijlstra is hanging by a thread. Earlier became known that he had lied about a meeting with Russian president Putin, it now appears that he the message also had misunderstood.

In 2016, warned Zijlstra for a war with Russia. He let know that he is at the beginning of 2006 was present in the dacha of Vladimir Putin, where the Russian are spoken about plans for a Large-Russia.

Zijlstra was in that period, a council member in Utrecht and ICT entrepreneur projects executed for the oil and gas company Shell. He traveled then working with Shell president Jeroen van der Veer to Russia. Van der Veer spoke with Putin, but was Said not to. He turns out to be the story of ‘Great Russia’ of someone else borrowed.

“I was employee. I was tucked away in the back of the room in which it took place’, says Zijlstra in 2016. “But I could very well hear what the answer of Vladimir Putin was the question of what he understood by Great Russia. Because United Russia is where he wants to. And his answer was: that is Russia, belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States. And Kazakhstan was nice to have.’


Meanwhile, it appears After the message is not properly understood. Of the Spring is the source of the story of the minister, but he writes in a letter to the Volkskrant that After the words of Putin misinterpreted.

This afternoon at half past four, the debate with Zijlstra requested in the Second Room. The minister will have to give account.

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