Woman (28) affected by rare oogwormen: “I saw them on my eye to move”

e34735e91e0fc9202738e8e7c6fb692e - Woman (28) affected by rare oogwormen: "I saw them on my eye to move"

PORTLAND – Doctors have 14 oogwormen removed by an American woman. According to specialists, it is a sort that have not previously been in humans was found. For the first time would be a oogworm of cattle are overgesprongen to the man.

The 28-year-old Abby Beckley got the shock of her life when she was a worm on her eye saw movement. After the bizarre sensation went straight all the alarm bells off at the Beckley. “I looked and saw the worm move. Was able to get the bug out of my eyes. After a second or five seemed ie death. The shock was huge! I just had a worm out of my eyes removed! My doctor told me that he had never seen anything like it. Later I took four more worms out, I saw them all over my eye crawl.” The worms would be in the eye voortgepland.

Beckley – a big horse-lover – flew immediately to Portland to be examined by specialists. “The doctors were in the beginning a little bit skeptical when the worms were not seen. After a half hour came the critters still out from under her eyelid. The shocked faces of the doctors I will not soon forget.” After the doctors all the pests had been removed, could Beckly relieved to be home. If the critters in time to be removed, provides that no damage to the eye.

Oogwormen are common in animals, but in humans it is quite rare. According to the specialists it was not until the eleventh time that someone in the US by oogwormen was affected. That, for the first time to a cattle overgesprongen species, is, according to the doctors a major discovery.

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