WikiLeaks founder Assange loses case

22184ab3508adfe6446e1863a1dc9a52 - WikiLeaks founder Assange loses case

LONDON – The arrest warrant in Britain against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains in force. He is in the embassy of Ecuador in London and tried using a trial of British justice to move the arrest warrant against him. Judge Emma Arbuthnot rejected the request Tuesday final.

“After weighing the pros and cons, I think that arrest was a proportionate response, although Assange his own freedom for a number of years has limited,” said the judge in her ruling.

Assange broke in 2012 of the promises which he had done when he was out on bail, was released and fled to the embassy in. He was previously arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault in Sweden. Sweden has the arrest warrant against the WikiLeaks frontman now let fall, and, according to his lawyers would Britain should do the same.

The British Public Prosecutor’s office claims that Assange the terms of its deposit has been violated, and so it should be picked up.

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