Vanessa Trump to hospital after opening a suspicious letter

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New York – Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump jr., is Monday as a precaution to a hospital in Manhattan. That happened after a suspicious letter, addressed to her husband, had opened. The envelope contained a white powder. That was analysis harmless, were security officials in New York later.

Although the police quickly went out that there was no reason for concern, was the content of the letter to a laboratory for examination. The Us authorities be extra careful as there is of letters with white powder. In 2001 came at different media companies and some Democratic legislators post within that anthrax was found to contain. The miltvuursporen cost five people their lives.

Except Vanessa Trump, that is what sick felt, were two other persons in her apartment, including her mother. They also went for medical examination, even though they had according to the police, no complaints. The service responsible for the safety of the family of the president, assists in the investigation of the sender and the motive.

Poederbrieven for Trumps

It is not the first time that a member of the family Trump a powder letter to receive. In march 2016 was a bad envelope delivered to the home of Eric Trump in Manhattan. At the time, went to a ’granular substance’. Also that was a false alarm.

Himself received Donald Trump in 2016, a letter containing a suspicious white substance. The assisente who opened the letter, was with five others placed in quarantine.

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