Toni Braxton makes comeback

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After eight years of radio silence grabs Toni Braxton its 25-year anniversary with a new album, called Sex And Cigarettes. The record comes out on march 23rd and the first single is now released: Long As I Live.

The seven times Grammy winner has since 2010 no award more released and look forward to go again to occur, in spite of her battle against the disease of Lupus. “My doctors told me that I never was able to operate, travel or what have you, but luckily there was a different plan for me. I am extremely grateful for,” says Toni.

After the singer in 2008, during a performance in Las Vegas slumped, the autoimmune disease when its found. In 2010 gave Toni her first interview, and then again in 2012 a hospitalization after a fall. Now she has the disease pretty much under control.

Last month, praised the Unbreak My Heart singer Selena Gomez, who was also in the disease of Lupus is suffering: “Selena is such a bikkel and it is great that they have this disease a face. Thus, she helps so many others who camps.”

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