Tinne Oltmans sings about her screams

Tinne Oltmans sings about her screams

Tinne Oltmans, we see soon on the job as a Sleeping beauty in the eponymous sprookjesmusical. On her own Youtube channel put Tinne Oltmans the song “My Screams”, from the musical online. And that screams is not her own friend Juan Gerlo, but Thomas Van Goethem, who was also to be seen in the musical production of Rapunzel. For Tin, it is after Ghost Rockers and Steracteur Sterartiest been a dream come true because she was “always a princess”.

Tinne Oltmans and Thomas Van Goethem are childhood friends and were as a child all together on the shelves as brother and sister in The Sound of Music.

Sleeping beauty plays starting tomorrow, 14 February.

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