Three billion dollars for new office FBI

6c240201a64995ddacb71c0db42299ae - Three billion dollars for new office FBI

WASHINGTON – The U.s. government wants to more than two billion dollars to spend for the construction of a new office for the FBI.

The Congress must still give approval to the plans. The FBI itself has already 1.2 billion dollars set aside for the new shelter, which is practically on the same spot as the old must occur.

The total cost for the construction are estimated at around three billion dollars. The old building dates from the seventies. In some places, nets are strained to the falling rocks on the catch.

There is years searched for a new location for the FBI. This summer it was decided to build the new on the old place. The money that president Donald Trump wants to spend for the FBI is, incidentally, out of the 1.5 trillion dollars that the government for infrastructure wants to pull it out.

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