Syria promises to Israel ’more surprises’

8ea37b9526f0a2545036c654804c9f0f - Syria promises to Israel ’more surprises’

DAMASCUS – The Syrian government, Israel has “more surprises” in the prospect of possible future air strikes. The communication follows on from the shooting down of an Israeli jet fighter, who on Saturday returned after bombing raids on targets in Syria.

A high official of the Syrian ministry of Foreign Affairs took on a press conference to Israel. That thought according to the officer that the Syrians because of the long conflict in the country were not able to respond to attacks. “If God allows, they will with more surprises to be confronted as they try Syria to attack.”

The Israeli minister Avigdor Lieberman (Defence) warned Tuesday that his country “will respond to any provocation.” The bombardment of Saturday followed the shooting down of an unmanned plane over Israeli territory. It went according to Jerusalem to be an Iranian drone from Syria the Israeli airspace was penetrated.

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