Sylvie: break with Charbel not easy

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The unexpected end of her relationship with Charbel Aouad at the end of last year, is Sylvie Meis not in the cold clothes sit, so familiar to the presenter in an interview with the German RTL.

“The period of the marital breakdown was a heavy time. I had totally not expected that I within a year would go passes, and that which is so quickly on the cliffs would walk. I have with all my heart said yes to the relationship with Charbel, but it subsequently turns out that love alone is not enough,” says Meis.

On the question of how her love life is, she replies candidly: “I often feel that it’s heavy and not easy to get the right man in my life.”

More important than the love her son Damian (11) from the marriage with footballer Rafael van der Vaart. “A loving mother to Damian in the first place. Only then come the love and my career”, explains Sylvie.

Meis is hopeful that they will soon become the true Jacob meet: “life goes as it goes, but I believe that somewhere there is someone for me wandering around.”

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