Survivors Bill Paxton will take legal steps

c90016ae6d61977ec265351e07e25056 - Survivors Bill Paxton will take legal steps

The relatives of the died last year, Bill Paxton dragging the hospital where the actor shortly before his death, was operated on for the right. According to his wife and children, the surgeon who treated him unnecessary actions which eventually to his death would have led, report Us media.

Paxton was Wednesday, exactly a year ago in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Cental in Los Angeles surgery due to an aneurysm, a dilation of a blood vessel in his aorta. The actor received a new heart valve. After the surgery is performed, however, complications, including a stroke that would eventually become fatal.

The surgeon and the hospital could be the family not well informed about the risks of the surgery and the doctor would furthermore not have enough experience. He left last summer at the hospital.

Paxton, well known from the movies Twister and Apollo 13, died eleven days after his heart surgery in the hospital. He was 61 years old.

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