Spicy convincing in Best Viewers

ae931c3c8959a717f02928cef0e2a361 - Spicy convincing in Best Viewers

For the valentijnsuitzending of Best Viewers, on Wednesday, February 14, invites, Nathalie Meskens again, her two great loves: Sven De Ridder, and Tine embrechts has been. Because Sven was jealous that he was a few weeks ago, not next to Jens Dendoncker should sit, he invites him to just even try. And to ensure that Jens behaves, takes Tine to the other side boss: Shelter-hero and creator of o.a. How Will I Say This? and What If?, Tim Van Aelst. It is definitely a spicy evening, for the panel test the new AS Pepper Challenge. Who can the best a hot pepper treaties,… or not?

Tine confesses that her most embarrassing memory is due to Peter Van Den Begin. Tim is the cause of that of Jens: he is already a two-time somewhere as the only one dressed up-show, because Tim had been told that that had. Much frankness, that at the end of the episode, even degenerates into a hearty eiergevecht.

In Aalst, everyone is still recovering from carnival, where Dear Viewers this weekend, went around for the round of ‘what are They Looking At?’. A colorful group of ajoinen gives their opinion on a number of tv programs.

Dear Viewers, Wednesday at 21.10 on VTM.

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