Son of Marlon Brando does not believe that his father had sex with Richard Pryor

3457e9e73430de8ef741bb1ed7100a7a - Son of Marlon Brando does not believe that his father had sex with Richard Pryor

The daughter of Richard Pryor said earlier that there is nothing of true.

The son of the in 2004 deceased actor Marlon Brando, as well as the daughter of comedian Richard Pryor, the assertion of Quincy Jones refuted. The producer said in an interview that the two legendary stars have sex with each other.

Jones stated during a recent interview with Vulture that Brando sex would have been with Pryor, and Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, confirmed the story. She told even her in 2005 late husband was open about his bisexuality. But the son of the actor, Miko, insists that the allegations are not true.

“The family Brando has the recent comments of Quincy Jones heard and we are disappointed that someone as a false note dares to make about both Marlon Brando as Richard Pryor”, let Miko at TMZ know.

After Quincy’s interview earlier this month showed Pryor’s daughter Rain on Facebook already know that there of the story little is true.

“He was once a brilliant music producer, but lost his mind and decided to get publicity for himself with a sensational interview”, muttered she. Also blame the media that everything for sweet cake is taken without adversarial to commit. “In addition, the so-called widow of my father the news be confirmed, because they must remain legitimate, and our father must tarnish, even after he’s dead.”

Quincy Jones has yet to respond to the statements of Miko or Rain.

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