Sister alleged boyfriend Gordon: “We looked together to trouwfinale’

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The sister of Gordon late News to know that they are at the time the alleged love of Gordon has ever met.

“I’ve got him a few months ago meet. We have with each other in the finals of Gordon going to marry, but with whom? looked. Kevin was with him during the holidays, I understand, but no one knew that. I hope she is very happy to be together”, she told the showrubriek, that Marja had already spoken before the bomb burst.

Of that happiness is the same day little about. At the beginning of Monday night turned the love story into a true drama. Gordon posted an emotional Facebookbericht in which he as a result of warnings from other social media users his new friend blamed a double life to lead, and multiple relationships. The lawyer of his alleged friend, Van der Velde, accused this Gordon of libel and slander and stalking. According to him, there is absolutely no question of an ’affective relationship’ between the two and would be Gordon in the contact with his client, even threatened to have his career hurt.

The declaration of love of Gordon Monday morning on Instagram did the lawyer with the remark: “If something sounds too good to be true…’. Then the question arises: would the romantic holidays to which Mary refers, later, to nice have sounded to be true…?

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