Singer The Fall “has fought hard against cancer”

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Singer Mark E Smith, who last month died, “has a long and heavy battle ships”. That is to say are sisters.

The lead singer of the British postpunkband The Fall died last month from lung and kidney cancer. “Mark was very strong and found it horrible that his fans had to disenchant. He tried to go on, against all the advice in,” said Barbara, Suzanne and Caroline. “He underwent every possible treatment, which is sometimes very heavy and him opzadelde with horrible side effects.”

“Mark has now found peace and is suffering no more pain, but we, his three sisters, will stay behind with a broken heart. We will have our brother greatly miss”, sounds.

The Fall was established in 1976 in Manchester and had dozens of different members. The group grew out to become an icon in British music history. In the meantime, the musicians all around eighty albums on their belt and they scored dozens of hits.

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