Simone, Art & once started as a dj

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Wie Is De Mol-contestant Simone Restoration presents on Thursday 22 February, between eight and nine o’clock in the morning her own ochtendshow on Radio 10. Restoration take on the radio show once the microphone in the hand and shares her favorite music with the listeners.

The NOS-presenter looks forward to one hour of her favorite songs to hear at the Best Lex! “Death metal run in the early morning so that the listeners of Lex screaming” wake up fancy!”

Lex Gaarthuis is curious about the man behind the newsreader: “Since the start of this season of” Wie Is De Mol?’, I’m still more curious about Simone. And how to get there, well, better behind than to her favorite music?”

Previously presented, among others, Jack van Gelder, John Williams, Henry Schut, Dionne Stax, Ilja Gort and Jamai the ’Guestlist’ on the Radio 10.

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