Saakasjvili to Poland turned off

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KIEV – UPDATE – The former president Mikhail saakashvili of Georgia, Ukraine turned off. He is Monday night returned to Poland, said a spokesman for the Ukrainian border guard service. Saakasjvili was welcome because he is married with a EU citizen, the Dutch Sandra Roelofs.

Earlier in the day was in Ukraine politically active Saakasjvili in Kiev arrested. According to his employees he was kidnapped. Sunday had the ex-president on the Georgian tv-channel Rustawi-2 already said that there are preparations for its expansion to Poland were affected. Saakasjvili threatened to be extradited to his native Georgia. He’s recently been in absentia sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three years for abuse of power.

After his political career in the Caucasus was Saakasjvili in may 2015 to Ukraine passed by the Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko. But the Georgian, he emerged later as a fierce critic of Porosjenko.

Prosecutors in Ukraine have Saakasjvili among other things accused of organizing protests with the financial help of ex-president Viktor Janoekovitsj, which in 2014 was deposed and Russia fled. Kiev took his Ukrainian citizenship in July last year. The fiftieth Saakasjvili is known stateloos.

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