Ronnie Flex drag two Edison awards in the waiting

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Ronnie Flex drag two Edison awards in the waiting

Ronnie Flex drag two Edison awards in the wait. Photo: REUTERS

Rapper Ronnie Flex has Monday night not one but two awards at the Edison Pop 2018 in Amsterdam. The 25-year-old artist knew two of his three nominations to redeem. His plate Rémi earned him the album price, and he took the prize in the category of hip-hop to house. According to the jury, that’s more than justified. They find that Ronnie Flex the figurehead of the new generation hiphopartiesten.

The jury calls the album “a modern masterpiece”. According to them, he has a plate made with the listener grows. “The album is full of musical details, which Ronnie Flex also within the songs themselves constantly overlap rable between musical genres.”

Best newcomer

Not only Ronnie Flex knew two prizes in the prizes, also a singer-songwriter Naaz fell two times in the prices. This new name in the music scene wins the Edison award for best newcomer, and also wins the prize for best video clip of her song Words. This allowed them, among other things, the clip of the Crook with Habiba .

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This year, for the first time a Edisonbeeldje awarded for the best Dutch-language production. Who went to Roxeanne Hazes for her single In my blood. “Hazes can find himself again as a vulnerable pop-diva that draws from rock, pop, music, R&B and dance”, says the jury, which consisted of standard and radio producers, under the leadership of NPO Radio 2-dj Ruud de Wild.

In the category Folk music had Tino Martin both Nick & Simon as André Hazes behind and won the prize. Martin filled the past year for the first time, the Ziggo Dome.

Pioneering work

The award went to Extince. Under this name hides the 50-year-old rapper Peter Kops. He received the award for his pioneering work for the Dutch hip-hop. He broke in 1995 with the hit Spraakwater. ,,He’s inspired in his now more than thirty-year career, generations of rappers with his rock singles, classic albums and with his humor and candor.”

Also won Chef’Special in the Edison Pop and went DI-RECT to go home with the prize in the category of Rock. Other Edison went to Yellow Claw (Dance), Thomas Azier (Alternative) and Wulf (Song).

The Edison popprijzen awards since 1960 have been awarded.

Winners of the Edison Pop 2018. Photo: REUTERS

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